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Everything You Want to Know

The team at Structcom has combined diverse experience gained in the Structural and Civil field spanning over 32 years. The Structcom team has been practicing as Registered Building Practitioners (RBP) for over 10 years and is equipped with the following registrations and accreditations as listed below:-

The team at Structcom is always passionate about communicating effectively with their clients to understand their requirements and provide adequate and cost effective Structural and Civil engineering solutions.

The range and variety of experience the team has been involved with are the design and construction of residential and commercial projects, Fa├žade Design, Minerals and Heavy Industrial Projects, Water Retaining Structures and Defence projects all over Australia.

The team also has experience and knowledge of the construction of Concrete Precast Panels, and has performed various site inspections to provide Structural Assessments of various buildings, structures and council assets.

The team at Structcom has worked closely with a variety of clients including architects, builders, developers, project managers, government agencies and municipalities, landscape architects, event organizer, manufacturers, fencing contractors, private businesses and owners.